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TRR Has A Van...Rather a Bus

In February, we were gifted a 15 passenger bus by our James Island Christian Church Family.

What a blessing it is! At the end of last year, we began fundraising for a camp van that would enable us to take kids off-site during our day camps and overnight camps beginning in 2024.

The funds that we have raised to date for the van (~$18,000) will now be utilized for the clubhouse building fund. This gets us a little bit closer to building the clubhouse!

This bus will open doors for more adventures for TRR campers starting this year. We will take kids on more charter adventures with Cornerstone Charter and we can now take trips to the park, the beach, or even for ice cream!

The possibilities are endless!

In the long term, our vision for camp, when the cabins and clubhouse are complete and we are operating year round camps, we plan to provide transportation to and from camp. This may lead to the need for an additional camp van down the road, but for now, this bus is an answered prayer to provide TRR transportation to campers during our day camps and tent campouts beginning this year. What a gift!

Thank you, James Island Christian Church!

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