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Spring Campout - It's the boy's turn!

On Friday, April 26, we had our first ever spring boy's tent campout. We had a small group of 3 boys, but they had a blast!

The boys were full go from the time they arrived until we headed into the tent for some much needed sleep. They woke up energized and ready to go on Saturday morning!

The highlights this weekend:

  • Lot's of sports games in the field - soccer, football, basketball

  • Intense games of checkers, connect 4, and "Yeti in my spaghetti" - this one was a hit!

  • Of course there were s'mores around the fire pit - the boys got some practice starting a campfire.

  • Saturday morning beach time

  • More Saturday sports

Thank you to the Dickerson family and Fort Johnson Baptist Church for another delicious meal!

Our beach day on Saturday was cold and windy. The boys got in the water for a hot minute and tried to throw the football on the beach, but the wind was not cooperating. Despite the shortened beach visit, they had fun and enjoyed the short time in the cold water.

On a side note, Heather is clearly much better at documenting camps with her pictures. Matt got one picture...only one. Clearly something to work on for future camps!

Thank you all for the support and for making these camps possible!

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