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These projects are necessary to build the facilities for Three Rivers Respite. Your donation to one of these projects will make the vision of providing consistent respite care to children in foster care a reality.  

Active Projects


Driveway Completion and Parking Area


20% of Goal Reached

The driveway funding includes the fill for the driveway and surface materials to ensure a safe access road to the facilities.  The parking area will provide a safe parking area, including handicap accessible parking and a large turnaround area for emergency vehicles.

Camp Van.jpeg

Camp Van


0% of Goal Reached

The camp van will be used to transport camp kids to off-site activities around the Charleston area.  When operating overnight camps, we will use the van to transport camp kids to and from camp.


Clubhouse Floorplan.jpeg


0% of Goal Reached

The Clubhouse will be the main facility for Three Rivers Respite.  The Clubhouse will include the kitchen, dining area, bathrooms, and a large gathering space.


Cabin Elevation.jpeg


0% of Goal Reached

The cabins will be the main sleeping quarters for the campers.  The cabins will sleep 12 campers and staff members in bunk beds  and will be heated and cooled.

Funded Projects - Thank you!

Camp Site Plan.jpeg

Land Clearing and Driveway Construction - Phase 1


100% of Goal Reached

The Land Clearing and Driveway Construction Phase 1 Project includes the cost to clear the land for the driveway, parking area, cabins, and clubhouse and to begin construction of the driveway.

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