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Three Rivers Respite is a safe place for children  in foster care to bond with other children on a similar journey. They have the opportunity to be mentored by caring adults that want to invest in their lives. Short term respite is an important resource for families to be able to continue the challenging work of caring for children in their home and gives the children a much needed break from the hard realities of foster care. 

Three Rivers Respite is a 501(c)(3) organization that is funded by gifts and donations.  All donations are tax deductible.

Three Rivers Respite was founded by Matt and Heather, foster parents with a heart for foster care, the children that are thrown into it and the foster parents who rally for them.  They have been foster parents for over 4 years, having fostered 10 children, and adopted 3 out of the foster care system.  They have walked the joyful and challenging road of loving and caring for children in foster care.

Our goal at Three Rivers Respite is to get kids out in nature to experience the therapeutic aspects of being in the woods, away from the stress of daily life and disconnected from electronics.  We want them to have fun with counselors and adults who care about them and who are trained to connect with them and provide the right support in the most trying of circumstances.  

We want to build a community of love and support around these children through their connection with other children in foster care and their connection with adults who care about them.

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