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TRR Donor Profile: The Beck's!

Photo by Caitlyn Motycka Photography

When Billy and Marissa Beck first heard about Three Rivers Respite at James Island Christian Church, they were immediately interested in partnering with the founders, Matt and Heather Alt.

“We didn't really know the Alts at all when we started donating to Three Rivers Respite, but their story really hit home for us because part of our testimony is that we walked through a season of infertility for many years before going through infertility treatment,” Marissa said.

“Not really knowing where we were headed with our story, whether it was going to be down a path of foster care or adoption, or if we were going to be able to have a baby naturally, we were just praying about that,” she continued.

Through watching a Three Rivers Respite video, the Becks said they “could see the fruit of what [the Alts] were doing and really wanted to be part of that.”

Additionally, Billy, who is a psychiatrist for the Veterans Affairs (VA), had seen firsthand the need for respite in foster care. During his prior career working as an emergency room consultant, he witnessed many children in foster care struggling with their mental health.

“I saw thousands upon thousands of consults in those five years, and not an insignificant amount were foster children in a mental health crisis with their foster parents,” Billy explained.

“You can just see exasperation with the foster parents. I'm familiar with how difficult it is because I would see the patient—the foster child—in crisis in the emergency room and could see the foster parents who also may have been caring for several other foster children, and just how difficult that situation can be.”

The circumstance caused Billy to consider the importance of respite for foster parents—and to view them as heroes.

“I think that the forgotten heroes, the everyday heroes, and patriots in America are foster parents,” Billy said. “Any way that we can help honor and bless those everyday heroes who aren't wearing uniforms—and you don't know when you see them in the grocery store or in the doctor's office—these foster parents, we want to get behind 100%.”

The Becks further understood the magnitude of parenting when they had their son, who is now three years old.

“I know personally, now in my own experience, being a parent is incredibly rewarding, yet also can be very challenging,” said Marissa. “I think it is such a blessing that Matt and Heather have created this space where parents can send their children for the weekend or a short period of time, where foster parents can have the opportunity to pour into themselves so that they can continue to support their foster children long term … I think Three Rivers Respite is just going to continue to be better and better and better as they grow the space.”

In turn, the Becks plan to keep giving to Three Rivers Respite.

“We adore Matt and Heather. They are just incredible people doing incredible things for the foster care community,” Marissa said. “We want people to feel compelled to donate to such a great cause."

“We know that Matt and Heather are praying steadfastly over the funds that come in, and how to use them strategically and wisely, and in such a way that the money will go a long way,” she added.


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