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Rocking for Respite Recap

On Saturday, November 18, we held Rocking for Respite, a benefit concert for Three Rivers Respite at Krazy Owls restaurant.

The Downtown Band provided the music and entertainment and put on a great show! They closed out with Crazy Train and had the place rocking!

The event was a chance for us to share the vision for Three Rivers Respite with the local community. We met numerous members of the community as well as other foster families who came out to support Three Rivers Respite.

Overall, the event was a huge success. Thank you for your support! Because of your generous donations for Rocking for Respite, we were able to raise $113,000! This will pay for the driveway completion and a significant portion of the parking area.

We are beyond grateful for the outpouring of support for this vision that God has given us for Three Rivers Respite, and for the opportunity to pour into the next generation of children in foster care, providing a place of hope and healing for children and a time of rest for the families that care for them.

The driveway is the gateway to camp. With that project complete and the parking area nearly fully funded, we can begin to turn our attention to the camp facilities – the clubhouse and cabins. Having the facilities will enable us to provide year-round overnight camps and expand our reach throughout the state of South Carolina.

We can already envision camp vans going down the long driveway through the woods, rounding the bend to the parking lot, and providing a beautiful view of the clubhouse and cabins.

We can see the joy and smiles on kids' faces as they exit the vans, surrounded by large pines and oak trees, hearing the sound of frogs chirping and birds singing, and ready to enjoy a fun time at camp.

With your help, we can truly impact the lives of children in foster care! Thank you!

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