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June Boy's Camp

On Saturday, June 29, we had our June Boys Camp. It was an action packed day!

We started the day on the water with Cornerstone charter. The dolphins were out putting on a show for these boys!

They spent time swimming, tubing, eating lunch on the beach, and even got a chance to drive the boat! While on the beach, they collected a few hermit crabs. They loved catching the crabs and seeing the different shells that they lived in.

Thank you, Jay and Cornerstone Charter for another memorable boat day!

After returning to camp, we took a brief rest and then spent the rest of the day in the pool. These boys did not want to sit still for long! They had a blast playing in the pool to end the day.

We want to thank our friend Adrian for spending the day with us and hanging out with the kids for the day. We also want to thank you all for the continued support. Days like today are not possible without your donations, prayers, and encouragement! Thank you!

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