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Investing in the Next Generation: The Dausmans

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

The Alts and Dausmans at the JICS A Time Roar Gala

With more than 1.5 million non-profits in the United States alone, determining where to give time, money, and resources can be a difficult decision to make. But the reality is, people join people. When asked why they choose to donate to Three Rivers Respite, Brian and Dawn Dausman had a simple answer: “Matt and Heather Alt.”

For the Dausmans, partnering with Three Rivers Respite was a no-brainer. Brian and Dawn have been close friends of the Alts, founders of the organization, for many years and saw firsthand the love pouring out of their hearts and their commitment to changing lives as Three Rivers Respite came to be a reality. Brian and Dawn also have many other foster families in their lives, and they are able to recognize how Three Rivers Respite will fill a big need.

The Dausmans consider foster parents to have “superhero energy,” but recognize they need time to refresh. They see the need for these families, many of whom manage sometimes difficult behaviors yet choose love, to have a community and space for connection and reprieve. The Dausmans have heard many testimonials from friends of theirs in the foster community who share how incredible and impactful their experiences with Three Rivers Respite have been—and how much it means to have people in their corner who recognize their needs and offer this experience.

Brian and Dawn wholeheartedly believe in the vision of Three Rivers Respite to touch all South Carolina foster families in need and invest in the next generation, recognizing that these kids are the future. Thousands of kids are in need in South Carolina alone, and to have a place where these children feel loved and a part of this larger community is special. The Dausmans also feel a connection to the beauty of the physical space where Three Rivers Respite calls home, a “beautiful change of scenery and picture of what God has created in nature.”

Brian and Dawn have been impacted by witnessing their friends, the Alts, make Three Rivers Respite their life’s purpose, paving the way for something so important. “Seeing Matt and Heather utilize their God-given talents is incredible to witness,” Brian shared. Not only have the Dausmans been inspired, but the faithfulness of the foundation of the organization has drawn so many in the community.

Generous community members have donated lumber and other products, offered services for manual labor, and given financially, contributing to the success of Three Rivers Respite. Brian and Dawn consider the organization a magnet for others.

For those considering getting involved with Three Rivers Respite, Brian expressed, “Invest leaning in, as someone who wants to partner with what’s going on, and understand what impact you can make. And expect really great outcomes because it’s going to produce outcomes.”

For Brian, the connection to helping children and families in the foster community has come full circle from his upbringing. Brian’s late mother was a speech pathologist who cared for many kids in the foster care system. His mother invested her life in helping these children communicate, so the Dausmans also consider their support a way to honor Brian’s mother, and there’s no doubt she would be proud.

The Dausmans consider themselves lucky to have the opportunity to give back and can’t wait to see the amazing things that Three Rivers Respite will accomplish as the organization grows and the ripple effect of giving continues. “We’ve been blessed to be a blessing in terms of loving and praying for Three Rivers Respite, as well as through financial support,” Dawn reflected. “There’s no greater gift—and it’s fun to give.”

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