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God's Timing Never Fails

On Tuesday and Wednesday, June 6th and 7th, we had the privilege of hosting a team from Park Baptist Church in Fort Mill, SC for 2 days to serve Three Rivers Respite by working on the tree protection fencing and silt fencing that must be installed before any type of land clearing and construction activities can begin.

This was a true blessing for us as we were just starting to plan out when and how we would get this work done and how we would get the volunteers to do it. Out of the blue in mid-May, a friend called to ask if we had any work that could be done by a team from Fort Mill. They had availability during the first week of June and wanted to help out in any way they could.

This was a huge relief for us as we knew this would be a lot of work to complete and we wanted to get it done relatively soon so we can start the land clearing as soon as we can pull permits. God's timing. It was so great to meet this team from Park Baptist Church and to share with them the vision of Three Rivers Respite. We pray that this will be a lasting partnership with their church moving forward.

It was a productive two days as we got 12 of of the 14 grand trees fenced in - this is required to provide additional protection for these trees from the construction equipment throughout the build process. We also got about 600' (out of 1,700' total) of silt fence installed, also a huge accomplishment.

Thank you, Park Baptist Church!

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