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Fundraiser Success!

Updated: Jun 3

On Monday, May 20, we attended the Totaltek Golf Fundraiser for Three Rivers Respite. What started out as a chilly, rainy day, turned into a beautiful afternoon and evening of golf, fun, and a nice dinner. And the course was beautiful.

Despite the rain, everyone had a great time. The golfers were amazing. After a 2 hour delay, they were able to get out on on the course, only to come back after 2 holes due to lightning and more rain and an additional 1 hour delay. However, that did not dampen their spirits. They hung in there and waited out the storm to have some great weather for the remainder of the afternoon.

We got to volunteer at the 2nd tee, leading a wiffle ball game where the golfers got a chance at a closer tee shot if they were able to hit a golf wiffle ball into a hoola hoop 15 feet away. It is a tougher to do than it seems! If nothing else, it made for some good laughs and even better conversations.

We are so grateful to Totaltek for the opportunity to attend this event and for the fundraising efforts for Three Rivers Respite. What a gift it was to be there, to meet the Totaltek team, the golfers, and experience a day on the golf course.

And of course, thank you for all of the sponsors of the golf event and for all the golfers who spent the day on the course to support Three Rivers Respite. Thanks to your generosity, we were able to raise over $41,000! Thank you!

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