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Serve Day: A Helping Community Makes Quick Work

Updated: Apr 20

What a gift it is to have community! Saturday, March 4, was a beautiful day with clear skies, warm temperatures, and a cool breeze. It was the perfect weather for a small serve day to work on the bridge, trail, and clean up around the ponds. With all the help from our volunteers, it was a huge success and the work was done by lunch time! We completed the gravel work around the bridge that we began last May, building an incline on the camp side of the bridge. This makes walking and driving the side-by-side or tractor across the bridge much easier and safer! We now have much better access to the back of the property as we approach final county approval for our site plan. We also cleaned up a lot of brush, providing clear visibility across the pond and enhancing the overall beauty of the property! A lot of fishing will happen along the banks of these ponds, and this work creates many more fishing spots. And lastly, we had some minor roof repairs done on the workshop where we are currently storing supplies for camp. Thank you to all those who came out to work and support TRR! We could not do this without your faithful support and generosity. Here are some pictures from our hard workers and the finished product:

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