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A Beautiful Fall Season

TRR Fall Parent Night Out: Pumpkins, Painting and Answer to Prayers

We were honored to host our Fall Foster Parent Night Out last month. It was a perfect evening, we wish we could share all the smiling faces: 28 precious kids and and a ton of amazing volunteers.

We are always blown away by how these nights come together. It is our mission in action and an answer to prayers for these children and families.

We are so thankful for all the hands and hearts that make it happen and are already planning a Christmas Night Out on December 3 with a Christmas Movie and S'mores. We've pulled together a list of supplies we will need for the evening, for anyone who would like to participate!

Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for additional ways to be support and be involved with our Parent Nights Out!

Holidays in Foster Care

For children in Foster Care, the holidays can be a difficult and emotional time. As we enter the holiday season, here are five tips from the foster and adoptive care coalition:

  1. Prepare the foster youth in your care for the holidays in your home. Discuss with them your favorite traditions and what they would like to do.

  2. Understand and encourage your youth's own traditions and beliefs.

  3. Help them make sure their loved ones are okay.

  4. Assist in purchasing or making holiday gifts or in sending cards to their family and friends.

  5. Give them space to process their emotions. Understand if they pull away. Be present to listen if and when they are ready to share their stories, traditions, thoughts, and feelings.

  6. Most importantly, show them love and grace through the holiday season.

Three Rivers Respite is acutely aware of the need for support and rest in foster care during the holiday season. We are passionate about providing consistent respite opportunities for foster families, in an environment where they know and trust that their foster children are loved and cared for by trained counselors and appreciate your support in making this happen.

Thank you for your support and generosity in providing rest in foster care for children and families.

Calling All Adventurers for TRR's "Share the Adventure" End of Year Campaign!

We are excited to announce our end of the year campaign, "Share the Adventure."

"Share the Adventure" captures Three Rivers Respite's vision of getting children in foster care out in nature to experience the therapeutic aspects of being in the woods, away from the stress of daily life and disconnected from electronics—and you can be a part of it.

Our goal for this campaign is to rally together as TRR ambassadors and advocates for children and families in foster care in order to raise enough money to build a cabin at camp by December 31!

We are looking for 10 Adventurers to join us as TRR Ambassadors this Christmas season and create a fundraiser for Giving Tuesday and our end of year campaign.

Don't want to create your own fundraiser? No problem, you are welcome to give to ours!

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