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A Beautiful Day on the Water

On Saturday, June 10, Matt, Heather, and our awesome TRR Counselor, Ali, got to enjoy a day on the water with Cornerstone Charter.

Cornerstone Charter is an amazing ministry that works to provide a day on the water to children and their families going through a difficult time, including foster children and families, adoptive families, and families dealing with health issues or other struggles.

The founder, Jay, truly has a heart for children and using his talents and treasure, and passion for boating, to bless others.

We were blessed with perfect weather - sun, minimal wind, and not quite the sweltering Charleston heat yet - and spend a few hours exploring the Charleston harbor, eating lunch at Shem Creek, and hunting for shark teeth at Drum Island.

When it comes to hunting for shark teeth, let's just say that Matt is definitely an amateur. Jay clearly has been doing this a lot and Heather and Ali picked it up pretty quick. Matt on the other hand, well, he needs some practice to say the least! Regardless it was a blast and we had many shark teeth to take home!

This day was an exciting opportunity to share our vision for Three Rivers Respite and to learn more about the mission of Cornerstone Charter. This is a partnership that will surely grow as we look to provide opportunities for kids at camp to get out on the water!

Thank you, Captain Jay and Cornerstone Charter for a great day! We look forward to getting some kids out on the water this summer for some fun on the boat and hunting for shark teeth!

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