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2023 - A Huge Step Forward

Thanks to your support, 2023 was a huge success. We are so grateful for your continued generosity, prayers, and support.  


In 2023, we served 35 children through 8 one-day camps and 2 overnight tent campouts. These camps were a blast and the kids all loved the experience!  As one foster mom expressed:  "[Three Rivers Respite] was, without a doubt, one of her ‘top’ experiences since being with us these past two months. Not only was it a joy for her, but it was such a sweet relief to pick her up and hear that she enjoyed it so much and didn't want to leave.”


In 2023, we raised $223,785, all thanks to your generosity.  We are overwhelmed at the support we have received on this journey as we build God's vision for Three Rivers Respite, and build toward the vision for year round, overnight respite care.


In 2023, we were able to start construction on our camp facilities, completing the driveway to the camp location.  With the money raised in 2023, we were able to fully fund the driveway and parking area.  


We appreciate all you do to support TRR!  Thank you!

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