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2021 Recap and Looking into 2022!

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

We hope your 2022 is off to a great start!

It is hard to believe we are already almost through February. 2022 has been exciting so far for TRR!

We started off New Year's Eve by marking 185 trees for our site plan review for the county. We are required to mark all trees greater than 8” in diameter rather than just the grand trees. I walked the property with our engineer—measuring, marking, and numbering each tree—while he marked each tree in the GPS for incorporation into the drawings. That was the last data needed for the site plan.

The drawing package was submitted to the county two weeks ago, so we are one step closer to starting the building process!

To recap 2021, our year-end campaign was a huge success. We raised $38,000 through our Giving Tuesday and “Let Their Hearts Be Light” year-end campaign. We are so grateful for the support you have shown us since we founded TRR. With the amount raised in the “Let Their Hearts be Light” campaign, we have enough money to complete the driveway and parking area for camp! This will be a huge step towards our capital campaign to build the clubhouse and cabins for TRR.

We anticipate getting final approval of our site plan sometime this summer. The proposed TRR layout is shown above. Once approved, we can begin the process of pulling permits. The first project will be the driveway and parking area. Then, we will start the clubhouse and cabins. Once we have full county approval and start pulling permits, we will build the timeline for making TRR fully operational and providing our intended services for local children in foster care and the foster families caring for them. We are getting closer to seeing God’s vision become a reality and are excited for all He will do in and through TRR.

Please continue to pray for children in foster care. There is a shortage of homes in the Charleston area. This means that children could be placed in homes in other counties or cities, further removing them from their homes, families, friends, schools, etc. This also complicates things like medical appointments and family visits as it requires more commute time. Please pray for more families to step into foster care to meet the needs of children in care. Lastly, please pray for TRR, for continued progress in the site planning process and for continued wisdom and provision as we move forward.

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